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All About Hatch Hollow

Our Crafty Journey

We are a mixed use coworking space, art supply retail storefront, and art gallery. We carry a variety of drawing, painting, printmaking, bookbinding, and other fine craft supplies.

Can't find what you are looking for? Let us know - maybe we can help!
We do not currently host art for sale year-round, but we have rotating gallery exhibitions every 6-8 weeks (and artists can choose to sell their pieces from those shows).

Hatch Hollow is an expansion of Foundry CoWork - a shared workspace that opened in downtown Meadville in February 2018. Hatch Hollow is a home for artists, innovators, and individuals who embrace creativity, thrive in community, and want to see change. We share a desire for a more collaborative and sustainable Meadville.


With a variety of art supplies, contemporary gallery shows, and membership options Hatch Hollow is our retailer, platform, and hub.   We are a community of over 30 individual educators, writers, artists, web designers, marketing and health professionals - a true snapshot of Meadville.

Hatch Hollow will be a blend of art and coworking. Here, seated in downtown Meadville, we inspire each other, create connections, and foster community.

What is "coworking"?




the use of a working environment by people who are self-employed or working for different employers, typically so as to share equipment, ideas, and knowledge.


Most of our members are remote workers or have jobs that allow them more flexibility in where they work. Becoming a member of Hatch Hollow gives people the option to work outside of the house, meet new people, have access to office resources like printing, projectors, and Zoom lighting, and is located centrally in dowtown Meadville. 

A coworking membership is similar to a gym membership where you pay month-to-month for a certain number of days in the space. You can end your membership at any time. The space has a coffee-shop or library kinda feel where you sit anywhere you'd like, people can meet/take calls in the space, etc. We also have a Focus Room where an individual could take a longer Zoom or phone call without the distractions of the space. We have reliable wifi, free printing, free local coffee and tea, and members get discounts on events that happen in the space.

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